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SUPPORT SA TALENT™ [now in its third year] was spearheaded by PROTOUCH™ to recognise local road cycling talent and create a platform upon which, to build funding opportunities.

The SUPPORT SA TALENT™ for Athletes Project includes: our National Road Cycling Series – tracks and ranks over 1 000 athletes, across 30 local road cycling events annually; a Foundation – in partnership with Dr Phil Liggett – to further enable SA athletes; and, our Marketplace – where Fans can access preferentially-priced products and participate in our Auctions.

NATIONAL ROAD CYCLING SERIES and data rankings project [launched in 2018] tracks and ranks over 1 000 athletes – across 30 road cycling events annually. PROTOUCH™ spearheaded its development to recognise and award talent [across 14 categories] at our annual Awards Event, hosted by Dr Phil Liggett.

We have raised more than R200 000, that was distributed to the winners in 2018 and 2019.

PHIL LIGGETT FOUNDATION – together with our Patron, Phil Liggett – the global voice of cycling – we have formed a foundation to further enable SA Athletes.  The intent is to kickstart this Foundation during 2020, by building upon the impact projects already underway: 

Individual Athlete and/ or Team campaigns, using our Fund Your Passion™ Crowdfunding Platform; Rebates earned from the soon-to-be-launched Fund Your Passion™ Athlete Affinity Card; and, our Events such as the Road Cycling Series Annual Awards Event and Auctions; and, the SUPPORT SA TALENT™ Athlete Rewards Programme.

MARKETPLACE where Fans access preferentially-priced products and services, from Great Brands that #SupportSATalent, and participate in Auctions – for athlete-signed memorabilia, photographs and, experiential events with Athletes and, their Teams.


    • RECOGNISING SOUTH AFRICA’S TOP ATHLETES AND TEAMS – we track and rank South African Athletes and their Teams, competing in the Road Cycling Series. We recognize these Athletes at our annual Road Cycling Series Awards event.
    • SHARING SOUTH AFRICAN ATHLETES STORIES – we provide a platform for South African Athletes to share their stories and results, their thoughts, hopes, dreams and fears.
    • ENABLING SOUTH AFRICAN ATHLETES WITH ACCESS TO FUNDING – we engineer funding mechanisms for South African Athletes, who participate in UCI and selected National Team Events.

“The toughest challenge for our athletes, is that of FUNDING – there simply is not enough sponsorship budget available to fund talented [and even professional] athletes” – #InvestInTheDream


GREAT BRANDS that help to #SupportSATalent.


#TdfVirtual - Stage 2 - Another great day for SA 🇿🇦WT Team @NTTProCycling retaining the yellow jersey and 2 SA riders stefandbd 🇿🇦 [green jersey] & @LouisMeintjes 🇿🇦 in top 10. #SupportSATalent #investinthedream https://www.instagram.com/p/CCRWdTPH83g/?igshid=122gqqtsbu2fq

Another great day for SA-WT Team @NTTProCycling retaining the yellow jersey and 2 SA riders @StefandBd 🇿🇦 [green jersey] & @LouisMeintjes 🇿🇦 in top 10. #SupportSATalent #InvestInTheDream

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